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You have an important role to play in building God’s Kingdom. God desires to use you right now – your age and current ability are strengths, not excuses. God wants to do immeasurably more through you than you could ask or imagine. Work is worship. If it isn’t, something isn’t right.

Real World Project


Real World Project Homework

Vertical Immersive is the most innovative place for an immersive learning experience. Students learn alongside industry experts working on projects for non-profits which become real-life marketing plans and strategy, social media tactics, websites, and audio and visual media



Hands-On Apprenticeships

Starting 3rd semester, our students become studio craftsman working on business client engagements at our campus studio. This drives down their overall education costs, being paid to continue learning and gaining real world application and expertise. Our students graduate with a work portfolio second to none and make them highly desirable in the marketplace.

Our Approach

The Vertical Advantage

Why take the traditional college route, spending at least 20k+ more while sitting in classes when they can experience an immersive learning work environment, gaining wisdom AND experience over 3 year and have an amazing work portfolio to land their first career job!



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