Self-Made Is a Myth

In the enlightening podcast episode from the series “Self-Made is a Myth: Make a Difference Together,” host Coach Tim Campsall engages with Brian Wheeler, a seasoned entrepreneur from Indiana, who delves into his personal journey and the foundational belief that no one succeeds alone. Brian, a father to six and a grandparent, shares touching anecdotes about his family and his ventures, emphasizing the critical role of community and mentorship in achieving success. 

Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked early on, thanks to his family’s business-oriented background. He started his first business at 16 and has since ventured into multiple industries, including wealth management, real estate, and currently, an innovative educational project named Vertical Immersive. This venture is particularly close to his heart as it serves as a college alternative focusing on practical, faith-based learning where students work on real-world projects to gain tangible skills and experience.

For college-age students, Brian’s story highlights the importance of practical experience and stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace entrepreneurship or any path less traveled. His journey reassures that it’s okay to rely on others and that successful people often have a strong support network behind them.

For parents, the podcast serves as a reassuring narrative on the values of faith, family, and hard work. It underlines the importance of guiding children towards paths that not only lead to professional success but also build their character and personal integrity. 

Overall, the episode drives home the message that success is often a collective effort and that every individual’s journey can inspire and facilitate the journeys of others. 

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