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Parent Testimonial

A Parent’s Perspective: The Impact of Vertical Immersive on Student Growth

At Vertical Immersive, the educational philosophy transcends the traditional. It’s a place where students not only learn but grow in confidence and discover new passions. Jennifer Howard, a proud parent of a student at Vertical Immersive, shares her heartfelt experience and observations, highlighting the profound impact this unique educational setting has had on her child.

Growth in Confidence and Communication

Jennifer begins by noting the noticeable growth in her son’s confidence and communication skills since joining Vertical Immersive. The environment here encourages students to engage deeply with their studies and express themselves more effectively, skills that are crucial in both personal development and professional settings.

Discovering New Passions

One of the most exciting aspects for Jennifer has been watching her son discover interests he never knew he had. Vertical Immersive introduces students to a wide range of concepts and subjects, allowing them to explore new areas of knowledge and potentially uncover hidden passions. This exploratory approach is designed to ignite curiosity and foster long-term interest in learning.

Embracing a Kingdom Mindset

The core of Vertical Immersive’s mission resonates deeply with Jennifer. She appreciates the school’s commitment to cultivating a “Kingdom mindset,” which aligns with her desire for her children to lead lives that are both fulfilling and grounded in their faith. At Vertical Immersive, students learn to view their professional endeavors as parts of a larger mission, integrating faith with vocational pursuits in a way that teaches them to see work as an act of worship.

Work as Worship

The philosophy that “work is worship” is a central theme at Vertical Immersive. This perspective teaches students to approach their careers and daily tasks with a sense of purpose and devotion, serving others through their vocations. Jennifer values this approach, noting how it helps students respect their work and those they work with, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

A Viable Alternative to Traditional Post-Secondary Education

Jennifer addresses a common concern among parents and students today: the disillusionment with traditional post-secondary education and the daunting specter of student debt. Vertical Immersive offers a practical and engaging alternative that equips students with real-life skills in a more financially sustainable way. She strongly recommends that other parents consider this innovative educational path for their children, especially if they are seeking a more hands-on and relevant learning experience.

In Summary

Jennifer Howard’s testimonial sheds light on the transformative educational experience provided by Vertical Immersive. For parents looking for an education that offers personal growth, integrates faith with learning, and prepares students for the real world without the burden of excessive debt, Vertical Immersive stands out as a beacon of innovative and meaningful education.

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