Journey In Faith & Entrepreneurship

In this episode of the Bricks and Mortar Leadership Podcast, Kyle welcomes serial entrepreneur Brian Wheeler, who shares his unique journey through various business ventures, guided by his Christian faith. Brian discusses his path from owning a wealth management company to acquiring and transforming a wedding venue, and eventually taking over an innovative educational setup he prefers to call an “immersive learning environment” rather than a traditional school.

Brian emphasizes how his entrepreneurial activities are intertwined with his spiritual life, believing that his work is a form of worship and his business decisions are directed by his faith. He describes his experience of purchasing and transforming the educational facility into a place that redefines learning by focusing on real-world applications and entrepreneurship, rather than conventional classroom instruction.

This story is not only about entrepreneurial success but also about following one’s inner voice and making faith-driven choices that might seem unconventional to others. Brian’s narrative is an inspiring example, demonstrating the integration of faith, career, and personal growth in pursuit of meaningful success.

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