Immersive Programs

Vertical’s Focus on Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

There are a thousands of education options available in the marketplace and many are great options for different fields of study. For a student that wants to learn about how small business works and become an expert craftsman in specific areas of marketing, such as social media, digital storytelling and audio/video creation, there’s no better place than Vertical Immersive!

Foundations - 2 Year Certificate Program

Year 1

Fall Semester Hours: (16 hours a week)

Spring Semester Hours: (21 hours a week)

Learning topics

Year 2

Fall & Spring Semester Hours: (30-32 hours a week)

Work Topics

Learning Topics

Pathways - 3rd Year choices


Students will go into an incubator program where they will start up and grow a real company with the goal of having a sustainable income by the time they graduate.


Students will be placed in 1 or 2 advanced apprenticeships over a year into an area of interest and position them for permanent hiring.


Students will choose a church ministry pathway and apprentice at a church for a year, applying their Foundations knowledge in that context or a Business as Ministry or Missions (BAM) setting to prepare them for full-time work in missions with a business context.

Basecamp Program for High School

Our new Basecamp program provide options for students looking for immersive learning electives to complement their high school curriculum. The focus of many of our facilitated classes will be around our core competencies of business, marketing and entrepreneurship, however, we may also offer other traditional courses from time to time depending on the needs of the homeschool community.

Basecamp Courses

C.S. Lewis Literature Studies

This course focuses on chosen books, both fiction and nonfiction, written by C.S Lewis. During the course, students read this set of books and discuss the author’s vision when he wrote the books, the principles and themes found in each book, the links between the author’s life and the stories, and their enduring theological and life applications (Instructor Curated)

Intro to Immersive Electives

This is a sampling of what Vertical Immersive teaches in our Pathways Program: This year long course will be divided into 3 parts to discuss the potential career path of Entrepreneurship,
Business (Marketing/ Digital Media), and Ministry/Missions.

Business Math

It is not too early to gain a better understanding of money and finance. Business math is for the student who wants to fully understand both personal and business finance. This is the class that brings all kinds of real-world applications to math. And it will be taught with extraordinary consideration of biblical stewardship

Understanding the Times

Understanding the Times offers a fascinating, comprehensive look at how the tenets of the Christian worldview compares with five major competing worldviews of our day: Islam, Secularism, Marxism, New Spirituality, and Postmodernism. Students are introduced to the battle of ideas, then to each of the competing worldviews. After that, students are carefully guides disciplines that are most influenced by these worldviews. The course provides a systematic way for students to understand the ideas that rule our world.

US Government and Constitutional Studies

Our government is complex, and few students take the time to learn how this institution functions. This course begins with the foundational principles of government, surveys the various types of government, and traces the significant people, events and documents which were part of the American political heritage leading up to the creation of the United States of America. The course follows an article-by-article study of the Constitution and covers methods of Constitutional interpretation. 

Fall 2024 Thursday Class Dates

August 22ndFirst Class Day
August 29thClass Day
September 5thClass Day
September 12thClass Day
September 19thClass Day
September 26thClass Day
October 3rdClass Day
October 10thFall Break
October 17thClass Day
October 24thClass Day
October 31stClass Day
November 7thClass Day
November 14thClass Day
November 21stClass Day
November 28thThanksgiving Break
December 5thClass Day
December 12thClass Day
December 19thLast Day of Class

Class Schedule

Class Schedule


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Whether students take one class or all 5 classes, they are welcome to use the Vertical
Immersive building for the entire day. We want students to interact with peers as well as use
the quiet zones for study hall purposes. The building is open from 8:15am – 4:15pm

Makers Market

The Homeschool Maker’s Market is designed for students to learn about entrepreneurship, and everything that goes into starting a business: design and innovation, learning and developing skills to create a product, understand the customer and the need for their product, communication and confidence when selling, learning about systems and data, and overall the difficulties and joys in being their own boss.

Vertical Immersive believes in introducing young students to the concepts of entrepreneurship at an early age. Not only will students get to experience a true maker’s market and see their business and products come to fruition, but Vertical Immersive provides a Maker’s Market clinic and a workbook that comes along side parents and students as they complete their project.


June 4th from 5:00-8:00 at the Ash & Oak Barn.
     Registration is closed for this event, but you are
     encouraged to shop and interact with our makers.

Check back August 1st for Winter Makers Market official dates.


Makers Market will be hosted at 2 locations this year.

Westside of Indianapolis: Ash & Oak Barn, Avon, IN.

Northside of Indianapolis: White Willow Farms,  Arcadia, IN.

How much does it cost to participate?

The booth fee is $20. Not only does this off set any background costs, but it communicates to the entrepreneur a realistic approach to renting or leasing a space for a business.


What age can my child be to participate?

Students ages 6-17 have participated in the market, each learning and developing skills according to their own abilities and backgrounds. It is ultimately up to the parent to decide if their child is ready. Most families choose to run their booth as a family, each participating in a skill according to ability and readiness.

K-12 Workshops

Fully Known

Most students would say they are not sure what they they should do for their first profession out of high school. There is a lot of pressure to “figure out” which career they
should move towards right away, however, for many that still seems like an illusive challenge. Worse yet there is an innate desire for students to find their calling and they
are not sure where to start. At Vertical Immersive, our Foundations program has built in curriculum to help students understand how they are uniquely wired by God. We
believe calling is more about how you are made by God to do great works within your time, talents and treasure instead of a specific work you are called to do.
This process starts with our Fully Known 1 day workshop where students will begin the process to be “fully known” to themselves. This time of discovery helps students to craft a healthy view of how they thrive and the journey towards understanding what God has in store for them. It also takes the pressure off having all the answers right away.

Maker’s Market Prep Days

There are Maker’s markets for homeschool community students to participate in around Indianapolis. Vertical Immersive supports these creative endeavors that grow young entrepreneurs through workshop days on campus where we help students refine and hone in their ideas as well as polish their presentation and booth set up. If you’d like more information on joining a Maker’s market around Indianapolis or to find out dates for our Prep days, please let us know here.

Etiquette & Table Manners

Learn how to excel in formal social settings that include a meal. Students will develop their skills in eye contact, body language, proper engagement of conversation how to navigate a formal dining set up. These workshops are designed to be fun and anxiety free to help students break through the perceived barriers of certain social settings that might otherwise feel awkward. Please sign up for our email distribution to receive updated on upcoming dates.


Vertical Immersive partners with Indiana Cotillion to bring students a fully immersive 6 weeks experience where students will learn the basics of ballroom dancing with formal etiquette and manners. Boys will learn to be gentlemen and the art of chivalry. Girls will learn to be ladies and carry themselves with high esteem. Please sign up for our email distribution to receive updated on upcoming dates.