Finding Your Calling: Balancing Faith, Career, and Personal Growth

In a recent engaging video discussion, Brian Wheeler, a seasoned entrepreneur and the Chief Visionary Officer at Vertical Immersive, joined Dr. Cindy Briggs to explore the often stressful topic of finding one’s calling. Brian highlighted the cultural pressures young adults face, especially the overwhelming questions about future careers and life purposes. He emphasized that understanding one’s divine purpose and aligning it with personal and professional life should not be a source of anxiety but a journey of discovery and faith.

Brian argued that our careers and callings might not necessarily be the same. Instead, he suggested focusing on understanding how God has uniquely created each individual, using personal talents and experiences to fulfill God’s plans, which are intricately woven into our lives. He introduced the concept of “work as worship,” proposing that every job could be a form of worship if it aligns with God’s teachings.

For college students, this message serves as a reminder that it’s okay not to have all the answers right away. Exploring different interests and embracing where they are uniquely gifted can lead to fulfilling God’s purpose. For parents, Brian’s discussion reinforces the value of guiding their children through faith, encouraging them to seek God’s direction in their lives, rather than merely fitting into societal expectations.

Vertical Immersive focuses on helping young adults discover their identities through courses in entrepreneurship, digital storytelling and marketing, and ministry, equipping them with not only the skills needed in the workforce but also the spiritual foundation to navigate life’s challenges.

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