Class Projects

Spring 2024 Class Projects

Students raised $5,000 for the small town of Advance, Indiana.

Students were given different roles and responsibilities and as a team planned out, marketed and helped run an eclipse event in the town of Advance, Indiana. Proceeds from the event went towards a new playground in the town.

Students built a marketing plan for a local business

Students chose a local business that they thought could use a better marketing plan. They built a marketing plan and presented it to the class as if they were pitching it to the business they chose. Several students chose to present their marketing plan to the business they chose.

Students worked on a grand opening event for charity

Students built a marketing plan and planned an event for the grand opening of a skate park in Fairland, Indiana. They pitched their ideas to the class with the chance that their ideas could get pitched to the town of Fairland. The proceeds from the event will be donated to a youth homeless shelter.

Students wrote policy memos that were sent to policy makers.

Students wrote policy memos that were sent to lobbyists, offering students practical insights into public policy and enhancing their research and critical thinking skills. It taught them how to clearly explain their ideas and argue effectively. This project helps students understand how government works and encourages them to get involved. 

Students came up with a business idea and built a business plan for a local inventor

For the Intro To Entrepreneurship class students teamed up with a local inventor to find the best way to make money from his invention. They created business plans for their ideas and presented them to the inventor. He picked one student’s idea to turn into a real business. Students learned how to develop and sell business ideas, skills that are valuable in any career. 

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